CIE Newsletter March 2023 #47

CIE Newsletter      March 2023 #47

CIE Newsletter March 2023 #47

CIE 2023 Registration Open. Early deadline July 31,2032.
CIE 2023 Exhibition and Sponsorship
CIE Tutorial on Urban Lighting Masterplanning
Registration Open. Early deadline April 7, 2023.
CIE Governing Board September and Division Directors 2023 - 2025

CIE National Committees Being part of the CIE global community locally.
Call for Experts for CIE Technical Work NEW JTC on wearable alpha-opic dosimeters.
Recent Publications
Work in progress

CIE 2023, is hosted by CIE National Committee of Slovenia in Ljubljana, September 15-23, 2023, with the conference running from September 18-20, 2023 and the CIE Division and Technical Committee meetings from September 21-23, 2023.

Registration is now open, be sure to take advantage of the early rate.
Reduced fees for members of a CIE National or Associate National Committee - to access this reduction you will need this year's CIE Webshop discount code (all in uppercase lettering) - get in touch with your NC or ANC for this code.

256 abstract from 33 countries were submitted for inclusion at CIE 2023. These abstracts are now undergoing a double blind review by a team of CIE experts from around the world. After this the programme for the three day conference, three parallel sessions each day, will be created. We'll update you soon abut this along with news about our line-up of Invited Speakers and Workshops.

This key CIE event would not be complete without an exhibition platform – a place for exhibitors to share products or service information and for visitors, to provide opportunities to connect, and for business exchange to take place. The facilities at Cankarjev Dum, our home for CIE 2023, provide ample space for exhibitors, close to the main action of the conference and our attendees from around the world.

Also don't forget to take advantage of making your company visible on the front page of the event Website, with your logo linked to your company website.
More opportunities can be found in the exhibition and sponsorship brochure so you can plan ahead to be at CIE 2023.

This CIE Division 4 led tutorial is designed to support the understanding and use of CIE 234:2019. The tutorial is hosted by CIE NC Turkey, Aydınlatma Türk Milli Komitesi (AMTK).

How to attend: The tutorial is to be held as in-person event and Registration is now OPEN. Early rates are available until April 7, 2023.

Who should attend: The tutorial is beneficial and interesting to broad range of subjects involved in public lighting of cities such as municipalities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, lighting architects, lighting designers, manufacturers and vendors of lighting products, operators and maintainers of lighting systems, professional institutes and societies, lighting educators, environmental organizations, utility services, building owners etc.

What you will learn: Fundamental concepts and methodology of lighting masterplanning. Who should initiate and prepare a lighting masterplan. How to build-up a masterplanning team and what consultation groups should be involved. Relationship between urban planning, transportation and lighting. What is important to analyse and consider in details. How to create the luminous concept and to draft lighting solutions. Why to take into account environmental impacts of lighting and what measures can reduce unnecessary light spills. Financial and operational considerations in planning for lighting implementation.

More detailed information about the tutorial can be found on the event webpage and the tutorial information brochure.
Thanks to GRUPiMAg for their sponsorship of this CIE Tutorial.

CIE Governing Board September and Division Directors2023 - 2027
In January this year the CIE National Committees approved the membership of the next Governing Board (GB) of the CIE, with Jennifer Veitch heading up the GB as CIE President. Jennifer and the GB team will come into office after the close of the 30th Session of the CIE and will be in place until the next session, sometime in 2027.

To better manage the technical affairs of the CIE a Technical Management Board (TMB) has been established. The TMB is chaired by the VP Technical, Tony Bergen, and includes the Division Directors and the VP Standards and VP Education.

Congratulations to the new Governing Board Members and Division Directors! The global CIE community is certainly here to support their work over the coming Term.


CIE National Committees
National Committees (NCs) are a key part of the CIE's organizational structure. Representing countries from all around the world, our NCs work to promote the interests of those with a passion for the field of light and lighting. For countries without an NC there is the option to initially form an Associate National Committee (ANC) and for countries with a developing economy to become part of the CIE Affiliate Programme (currently Associate Member Programme).

If there is a CIE NC, ANC, or AM in your country and you're not yet in contact with them, then be sure to reach out to them to find out the benefits of supporting your local NC.

And if you're an individual who wants to get involved but your country doesn't have an NC, don't worry! You're welcome to join us and participate in all of the exciting work we do.
Plus, organizations on an international, regional or national level can join the CIE as Supportive Members in addition to contributing to the work of their local NC.

So whether you're an individual or part of an organization, there's a place for you in the CIE community - we look forward to your contribution!

Call for Experts for CIE Technical Work
The CIE has over 70 Technical Committees (TCs) working on new technical reports and international standards.

In addition to TCs, the CIE also has Research Fora (RFs). RFs exist to facilitate ongoing knowledge exchange and research on a scientific topic or research area where there is insufficient completed scientific work to support the work of a CIE Technical Committee.

If you have expertise to contribute to any of these or the those highlighted below, then you can apply for membership by sending in the CIE TC and RF Membership form and CIE Copyright Agreement form to CIE Central Bureau at for the TC Chair's consideration.

JTC 20 will prepares a technical report that will review current state-of-the-art of wearable alpha-opic light dosimetry methods in the scientific literature and beyond. It will also define limitations of current CIE-recommended practices for wearable alpha-opic light dosimeters, propose a calibration protocol for wearable alpha-opic light dosimeters adding to current CIE-recommended practices, discuss limitations of wearable dosimeters vis-a-vis the physiologically relevant quantification of alpha-opic light exposure. Finally it will provide an inventory of needs and options for metadata and data schemes for alpha-opic dosimetry data collections.
JZC 20 is Chaired by Professor Manuel Spitschan, Technical University of Munich (DE) and co-Chaired by Dr Florian Stuker, METAS (CH).

TC 4-62 Adaptive Road Lighting - call for participants


Dr Paolo di Lecce was recently appointed as the new Chair of TC 4-62. He has opened a call for additional participants for the TC 4-62.
TC 4-62 is analyzing needs, specifying recommendations, developing methodology and promoting the application of adaptive road lighting based on various conditions and input data from field sensors and interconnected systems with respect and tailored to specific requirements of different user groups and user patterns.
If you have something to bring to the TC then just send in the two forms to us at CIE Central Bureau and we'll put you in contact with Paolo. It will be great to have you involved.

Also, check out the information on the CIE Website and in the CIE Brochure and discover other ways to get involved in CIE work.

Recent Publications

International Standards:

ISO/CIE 23539:2023

Photometry – The CIE system of physical photometry

ISO/CIE 11664-2:2022
Colorimetry — Part 2: CIE standard illuminants

ISO/CIE 11664-6:2022
Colorimetry – Part 6: CIEDE2000 Colour-Difference Formula

Drafts International Standards:

CIE DIS 027:2021

Photometry of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices for Road Vehicles

Technical Reports:

CIE 251:2023
LED Reference Spectrum for Photometer Calibration

CIE 250:2022
Spectroradiometric measurement of optical radiation sources

All documents can be purchased through the CIE Webshop.
Members of CIE National Committees have access to a 66.7 % discount on the purchase price.

Work in Progress (TC drafts currently in the CIE preparation process):

CIE Draft International Standard (DIS) that has passed NC/BA/DIV ballot, in preparation for FDIS:
TC 2-67
CIE DIS 027 Photometry of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices for Road Vehicles

CIE Draft International Standard (DIS/IS) in DIS ballot:
JTC 19
Terms and Definitions of Horticultural Lighting
(Deadline 2023-05-22)

CIE Enquiry Draft Technical Note (ED/TN) has passed BA/DIV ballot, in preparation for AD:
DR 3-36 Luminance Measurement for UGR

CIE Enquiry Draft Technical Note (ED/TN) has passed BA/DIV ballot, in preparation for AD:
DR 6-46 Second International Workshop on Circadian and Neurophysiological Photoreception

CIE Enquiry Draft Technical Report (ED/TR) that has passed the committee stage, in Enquiry Draft ballot:
TC 3-56
Assessment of Discomfort Glare from Daylight in Buildings

(Deadline 2023-04-27)

CIE Enquiry Draft Technical Report (ED/TR) that has passed the committee stage, in preparation of Enquiry Draft ballot:
TC 1-91
Methods for Evaluating the Colour Quality of White-Light Sources

CIE Enquiry Draft Technical Report (ED/TR) that has passed the committee stage, in preparation of Enquiry Draft ballot:
TC 1-92
Skin Colour Database

Other work in Progress:

Joint ISO/CIE Draft Technical Report (DTR) that has passed NC/BA/DIV ballot, in preparation for next stage :
ISO/CIE DTR 3092 Light and lighting – Energy performance of lighting in buildings – Explanation and justification of ISO/CIE 20086

Joint ISO/CIE Draft International Standards (DIS) in CIE NC/BA/DIV ballot (DIS):
ISO/CIE/CD 10916 Calculation of the impact of daylight utilization on the net and final energy demand for lighting

(Deadline - 2023-04-17).

Work in Progress (minor revision currently in the CIE approval process):

CIE Draft International Standards (DIS) currently in NC/BA/DIV ballot after systematic review (SR):
ISO/CIE 11664-5:2016 Colorimetry - Part 5: CIE 1976 L*u*v* Colour Space and u', v' Uniform Chromaticity Scale Diagram
(Deadline 2023-06-01)

CIE Draft International Standards (DIS) currently in NC/BA/DIV ballot after systematic review (SR):
ISO/CIE 28077:2016 Photocarcinogenesis action spectrum (non-melanoma skin cancers)
(Deadline 2023-06-08)

2nd CIE Draft International Standards (DIS) currently in preparation (for NC/BA/DIV ballot) after disapproval of the 1st DIS:
ISO/CIE DIS 23603:2022 Standard method of assessing the spectral quality of daylight simulators for visual appraisal and measurement of colour